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Thirdwave has been providing business development, mentoring, coaching and training to larger companies for many years, but that is not all we do. We also work with individuals and smaller companies, (e.g. startups or early stage businesses). Often these businesses do not have the budget to run bespoke programmes of development, but they want to develop their business and management skills, and want access to the same opportunities available to larger companies.

Thirdwave's previous work with Business Link in Yorkshire, offering short workshops focused on the needs of small organisations, was very successful, and has led us into offering short punchy workshops that are geared to the wants and needs of smaller companies, while still being relevant for larger organisations.

Our current portfolio of workshops include:
  • Business in the Digital Age
  • Essential Negotiation Skills
  • Establishing Presence and Credibilty
  • Finance for Non-financial people
  • Handling Conflict
  • Managing Change
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Me as Employer
  • Me as Manager
  • Me as Team Leader
  • Me in Business
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Presenting For Impact
  • Problem Solving
  • Training The Technical Trainer
  • Training The Trainer
  • Training Without Props

Each workshop in our portfolio is designed to:

  • Be applicable to a range of different companies
  • Be creative and practical, with exercises and discussions used to explore issues in depth and provide a means of applying learning
  • Provide a grounding in the theory and concepts of the subject areas
  • Focus on real workplace improvements
  • Give each delegate a means of taking the learning forward, through individual action plans and networking opportunities with other delegates

Any of Thirdwave's workshops can be provided on site. They are designed to be quick, intense, easy to attend and very effective.

Please contact us for information about our workshops.

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