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Client Focused - Corporate Training Programme

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At thirdwave our clients are the focus of everything we do.

Thirdwave provides business development through tailored programmes matched to client needs.

Our clients expect Thirdwave to offer individual and specific support when providing business development programmes, and we believe in partnering with our clients to ensure they get what they expect. We do not try to shoe-horn our solution into solving a problem, but instead we look to really understand the client's environment and deliver effective programmes matched to their wants and needs.

While different situations require different levels of input, we would typically:

  • Meet with the client to discuss their business needs
  • Carry out research into the situation, e.g. interviewing managers, mystery shopping, conducting employee surveys etc
  • Work with the client to develop a suitable delivery strategy, which may include direct delivery, or developing internal training staff to deliver and coach
  • Develop an evaluation strategy to measure the impact on business
  • Deliver the agreed programme, through a range of learning formats, e.g. coaching, workshops, e-learning, lunchtime sessions etc.
  • Evaluate the success of the programme and use delegate feedback and other information to advise on medium and long term strategies for further development

Thirdwave offers complete flexibility: Some clients want us to design and deliver programmes to address a specific need, others may want us to support the whole process.

Workshops in our Client Focused programmes may:

  • Include lots of relevant company information, for example business plans, sales results, customer surveys etc
  • Be badged up as company training packages, e.g. with client logos and terminology
  • Include real company case studies, applicabe to the client organisation
  • Have a structured follow-up
  • Be integrated into the overall development strategy of the organisation

Please contact us to find out more, about our Client Focused approach.


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