meta name="description" content="Thirdwave provides a flexible range of development paths to our customers. These include besoke training, coaching and mentoring and targetted workshops; We tailor them to the needs of our customers."
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Flexible Training and development programmes from Thirdwave

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Thirdwave provides coaching, mentoring, training and open workshops

How Thirdwave Works

Flexibility is probably the key word when it comes to Thirdwave's approach to business development.

We can offer a wide range of development options from coaching and mentoring to running open workshops, but rest assured, whatever we do, it will be based on what you, the customer, wants. We are committed to providing excellent programmes of development whether you are a small company in the early stages of your growth, or a large retail chain wanting to develop specific skills in your staff. We start by

  • Listening to your wants and needs,
  • Creating a discussion document, which captures the extent of your requirements,

Once you have confirmed your requirements and agreed to proceed, the programme begins. A programme that is:

  • Tailored to your specific requirements, if that is what you want


  • Off-the-shelf workshops, if you prefer.

We don't pressure you into something you dont want or need. We are keen to ensure you get the best development programmes for your people, and therefore the best results for your business.

How we work

For more information, call Thirdwave on 01628 487 912

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