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Thirdwave History

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More than 25 years of excellence.

Thirdwave has been providing coaching, mentoring and training, on leadership and management for more than twenty five years, to customers who return year on year for further help. Thirdwave offers a business advisory service for companies looking to develop their staff. The level of repeat business and the recommendations we regularly receive provides good evidence of the value of this approach.

When Dr John Austin started Thirdwave in 1990, his intention was to build

  • A business support service that companies could rely on.
  • A company that keeps abreast of changes in business thinking
  • A business that offers the skills to train people from all levels of business to make the most of these areas of new thinking.

Although Dr Austin retired some years ago, his intentions is still the main thrust of Thirdwave.

As market circumstances change, so too do the areas that Thirdwave focuses on. In the early 90s the market was significantly different to the market we find ourselves in today, but Thirdwave has always had answers for the leading business concerns of the day. Keeping ahead of the market in terms of the skills we provide and the workshops we offer.

Thirdwave is not complacent, we know that past success is no guarantee for the future. Our goal is to provide the same high level of support and service to companies into the future, with the same committment to developing knowledge. Knowledge that is based on latest management and business thinking backed by relevant research, so that we can provide the most benefit to you, our customers.

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